Our Groomers 2019

All Moonrider's Trails to Close @ 6AM on Wednesday! (3-13-19)

Reminder : 2020 Moonriders fundraiser is Saturday March 7th, 2020


Grooming Equipment Update: -

-John Deere Tractor will get new fenders and a rear view camera this year. 
- One of our Arrowhead (16'x8')drags was stripped down, had some structural repairs made, sanblasted, and repainted.(photos to be posted soon)
- Used Snow-Boss Drag (16'x10') was purchased by the club to groom mainly the railroad grade from Kewaunee to Casco Jct. (as well as other trails that can handle that wide of a drag.)

Note: Moonriders annual  Dues increase to $30.00 single/family after Nov.1st through April 1st

As you can see, we have made some changes to the website. The biggest change will come in the way we communicate information to our members. You will see the black banner running down the right side of each page. This will have all of the current information that you may need. From upcoming events, to trail conditions, to weather and our Facebook feed. Also now added are Alerts that we send via text message. You can sign up to receive these alerts on your phone by following the instructions at the bottom of this page. If you have any suggestions or comments please feel free to contact us.

As always, please thank our landowners for allowing us to ride on their land. Please stay on marked trails and respect the landowner’s property. Cutting corners on trails, crossing homeowners black top driveways for trail access, and running down small trees are some issues faced every year that can only be corrected by all that ride and have respect for personal property. Hope you have a safe year of snowmobiling. Please fill out the membership form below and return it with your dues. Also Keep watching in the next week or so for our redesigned website @ moonridersinc.org Be sure to include your email address with your membership, as we would like to send out a newsletter more often via e-mail to members who are unable to attend all the club meetings. Thank you for your continued support.

Looking for Youth Involvement!!!

The Moonriders are looking for the next generation of snowmobilers. The club celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2011, and is looking for new leadership for the future. For the club to continue, and the trails to be maintained, we need younger people to carry on what was started in 1971.

One way to start is by forming a youth club under the guidance of the Moonriders. Go around asking friends and classmates who are interested or involved in snowmobiling. Advertise in the Kewaunee Schools to find additional members, include a time and place to meet. Not everything has to be work. Don't worry if it starts out small, it will grow as the word gets out.

Even the smallest person can change the future.


We want to extend a great big THANKS to the land owners of Kewaunee County that allow us to use their property for our recreation. Without their generous support, there would be no snowmobile trails to ride on. Please stay on the marked trails to respect their wishes. Click here to visit a list of those that have been so generous. If you see them around, be sure to thank them in person.


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Upcoming Meeting

If you need a membership to save on your trail pass or want to get more involved with the Moonriders club, feel free to join us...

  • Where: The Outback
  • When: Date   Tues. April 16th
  • Time: 7:00 P.M.

Annual Fund Raiser!

  • Where: Agricultural Heritage & Resource Center N-2251 Hwy 42 South of Kewaunee
  • When: Saturday, March 7th, 2020
  • Time: 3:00 P.M. to 11:00 P.M.
  • Band: T.B.A.    8:00 P.M.-Midnight

FREE Admission. Numerous raffles & prizes.

Trail open to AHRC, weather permitting.


Trail Conditions

Trails to Close @ 6a.m. on Wednesday 3-13-19!

For more information on our trails, call (920) 388-7199.

Current Weather

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